Me & You

Sanskrit greeting translated:

“I honour the place in you that is the same as the place in me.
We are one.”

We are the all the same but different.

We are connected and yet separated.

We have a mat each and yet our mats are side by side and opposite each other in the room or screen to screen.

We are unique individuals……and I will honour who you truly are when you attend my classes.

We are in relationships…..and I will encourage honesty, respect, openness, kindness and tolerance in our groups.

Equality and diversity are core values for me in needs led, person centred, inclusive Yoga practices for all levels and abilities. I have a lot to learn from you and you from me. Your feedback about my teaching is always welcome.

Art by Suzanne.l.Vinson who designed my logos.

Hatha Yoga and Spiritual Care by Pauline Steenbergen.